Lunch adventures

Yesterday when the judge let us out for our 90-minute lunch, I wasn't sure where I wanted to go, as usual, so I wandered around for a little while. I passed by the anti-U.S. demonstrators ("Impeach Bush!" etc.), though on the other side of the street. As I came to the corner of Second and Spring, I noticed a young man standing alone with a sign. As the light was red, I turned around to read his placard, which turned out to be a red-white-and-blue "Support the Troops - Liberate Iraq" message. I impulsively flung my arms in the air and exclaimed, "Yay!" I'm sure my facial expression must have changed dramatically in an instant, from one of "Hmm, what does this sign say?" to total delight. He smiled, and we chatted about how refreshing it is to see someone showing that they feel positive on the U.S.A. I know most people feel that way, but we're not usually the ones who take the time to stand out on the street expressing it.

Here in Seattle I often feel as if I'm in a small and invisible minority, and start to wonder if my viewpoint-that the U.S. is a good place and that our president is a decent leader in protecting us-is just crazy. I vacillate between thinking, "Is it me?" and thinking, "Oh my goodness, we're surrounded by lunatics." So this young man and his sign made my day.

I turned the corner and went into a hotdog shop. I had a perfectly good but very small all-beef hotdog and a Coke, and then I was out of cash. Whoops. No soup for me. So feeling slightly sorry for myself and my small meal, I went out to get some cash and then to Seattle's Best Coffee for a mocha and a scone. Okay, it wasn't my healthiest eating day ever.

Eew! Giant worms.

In my proofreading job, I ran across a mention of the giant earthworms found in a small section of Victoria, Australia. Alan of Amax Weblog (in Victoria) helped me find some more information on them and confirmed that his brother-in-law has actually seen one. Cool, huh? Unfortunately if you see one, it's probably on its way out of this life, because they need to stay nicely moist and sheltered in their slimy streamside burrows.

I wonder if you could catch some really big fish with one of these on your hook.